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Our blacksmith experience days take place at your own home and are led by our experienced blacksmith. You will learn the skills and basic techniques of the blacksmith and make your own hand forged object to keep. You will be shown how the forge works and will use an hammer and anvil, in what will be an extremely enjoyable yet physical experience. There is no previous experience required as we take all abilities and can teach you in the time given to make what you want either from our range of items or your own idea.

What you can make

We have a range of items that it is known can be made within an alloted time (with no previous experience) but should you have a particular thing you want to make, send us your design and we'll work with you to make it.

How long will it last

This depends largely on what it is you want to make, typically small items can be made in an hour or less. The slightly more adventerous among you who have your own ideas of what to make can spend up to an entire day making your project.
All timings will be worked out to the best of our ability before hand.